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May 12, 2007 22:52
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Hi Everybody,
I'm planning to travel to Taiwan in September 2007 with my wife, sister and brother-in-law on our own - free and easy.
Although we had been to Taiwan but on conducted tours some years ago, this time round, we wish to see as much as possible within a 7 - 10 day duration.
Hope some of you can provide help or information on how to go about it and also need help concerning hotel and transport - by coach or train to other cities like Taichung, Hualien, Kaoshiong and other cities.
Will also appreciate help in information on "must" see places of interest, food to sample and maybe things to buy. And also need information on weather and clothes to bring during this period.
Thank you and with warmest regards,
Tien from Singapore

May 13, 2007 02:59
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I went to Taiwan last year for 3 weeks travelled the island down western side,across the mountains and then back up eastern side. I think the must see places have to be Taipei 101 (worlds tallest building when it was built) which gives great views, Sun Moon Lake for its wonderful panoramic images and peacefulness(I put some images on photo album), Taroko gorge which is mind blowing in its size. For history it is worth visiting Tainan and Hsinchu with its old buildings. For scenery anywhere in or around the mountains such as Alishan. We stayed in hotels and motels all around and with the exception of Sun Moon Lake everywhere was cheap, all rooms were clean and large. When it comes to eating there are plenty of choices and night markets were great to try unusual food. If you go to Danshui then check out the local dish of A-gi which is fried tofu and noodles in a warm soup/broth very very tasty and cheap, when we arrived in Danshui by ferry the first food shop infront of you serves it.

We had a car to drive round which was ok as the person driving was native Taiwanese but I would not recommend driving as the Taiwan people are crazy drivers and very dangerous. The trains we used were clean and efficient and will get you to most cities and I understand the coaches and buses are the same.

Enjoy your time in Taiwan it is very scenic and provided they are not given wheels the people are the friendliest I have ever met. I had lovely time and will be going back as soon as I can.
May 13, 2007 09:32
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Hi Dave,
Thank you for your posting. You have given me many pointers which I will bear in mind when I'm in Taiwan in Sept. My group(sister, bro-in-law and wife) is very adventurous and would like to try all native food and delicacies including the nauseating fermented bean-curds.
From your posting, I realise that the duration we have put aside is hardly enough as you spent 3 weeks in that beautiful island. We've to make do with the time we've set aside and maybe some other day, God willing, we'll complete the other scenic areas left out.
Thanks again and with warmest regards,
Sep 14, 2007 01:14
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Are you still in Singapore or already in Taiwan?
Can I ask you one question which airline you are using from SIN-TPE?
When you arrive Taipei you should take the bus from airport to Taipei city, this will be much cheaper compare taxi.(NT100 over/person for bus and NT1000 over/cab)
if you plan to Kaohsiung or Tainan, you can choose the Taiwan High Speed Rail (, I tried before and is quite comfortable. You also can try Taiwan highway express bus, one suggestion is try the 華興 is good and luxury!
In Taipei you can use their MRT, you can select the one day pass.
Just for your information.
Sep 15, 2007 00:32
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Hi Ping13,
Thank you for your useful information, yes, I'll be taking the Airport Bus to downtown Taipei. I'm still in Singapore, leaving only on 19th September. I'll be flying in on Singapore Airlines(patriotism? maybe). Yes, I'll keep in mind the places you've mentioned and will try
to eat all (maybe not) the lovely food Taiwan has to offer. I last came to Taiwan abt 20 years ago. Wow, didn't know that time had passed so fast and am now 20 years older !!
Thank you so much for information and may I wish you good health and safety.
Aug 2, 2008 10:07
GUEST20416 Hi

Wanted to find out about travelling in Taiwan in Sept, in particular the weather and came across your page. Thought you could provide some useful tips. Is it a good month to go? Am concern about the typhoon season. Planning to go on Sept 10 for about 10 days.

Thks. Nam
Aug 7, 2008 15:43
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I had typhoon when I was there and it was horrendous, mind you I was in China during the eartquake so maybe I am just unlucky.
Weather is not something you can predict or plan for. When I go away I will visit my scenic places whenever I can, although I always have back up plan incase weather is bad, maybe a museum or similar.
Nov 26, 2008 01:08
GUEST24165 Hi,

I am planning to go to Taiwan during the xmas period, tentatively for a week from 22/12 to 28/12. I am deciding whether to go on a guided tour or free n easy. As I will be travelling with my husband & 3 grown children (16,15,6), I was thinking free n easy but driving is hazardous. However, guided tours can be nightmarish too, especially the hectic pace and having to put up with bad tour guides... So, read about hiring a car with a driver from Davec. Can give me more info as to how to get one in Taiwan? What would be good accommodation for families of my kind?

Wong from singapore
Dec 2, 2008 21:48
GUEST30110 Hello Wong,

I'm Taiwanese, Honestly speaking, the best and economic way is to rent a car for your group-5 persons, you can have a look on the website below firstly, is belong to TOYOTA, is connected with NISSAN Taiwan, this 2 is the best choice, all the details on it!

Have a nice trip in Taiwan!

B.rgds / Robert
Jan 1, 2010 07:19
GUEST93100 Hi Everyone,

We are Raymond & Jamie, we are thinking to go Taiwan for our honeymoon on coming March for free and easy trip, is it nice period to travel to Taiwan during March? Hope you can provide useful tips on travel in taiwan. Thank you very much!
Jan 2, 2010 04:47
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March should be fine for Taiwan.
Suggest that you do some reading up... try the Rough Guide Taiwan guidebook for starters.
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