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Shandong Travel Tips
Your first-hand tips on an area you have been to in China will help other fellow travelers on their trip planning and on-the-spot stay. Please choose one of the specific categories.
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Take care of your money
By BELINDA | 9/22/2005 9:22:01 AM

I lived and worked in Weifang and had trouble with theft several times, both by the teachers at my school and with shop assistants refusing to give me change or giving me much much less than I should get. Prices got really expensive and it was so stressful.
My advice is to take a camera and take photos of the shop assistant or teacher that steals from you. This will help you identify them and keep menace away.
Even at McDonalds some girls threw their rubbish at me and no one did anything. Keep a record and if you are working there, make sure that you have backup if you find that the contract is not being honoured.
Belinda Simmons

Tai Shan
By PSTRICK198 | 6/23/2005 6:22:43 PM

If you are deciding to climb the Tai Shan Mountain, strongly advise you to bring water and buy a cane. They sell them everywhere. Pack light snacks and writing material. Be advised it is a long and treacherous journey to the top. You can also rent a long greem army jacket a little over halfway up. The temperature really drops at night. If you have a light wind breaker is much better. Wear good climbing shoes. They are steps made of stone. Not exactly perfect like in your home.

Kite Festival
By MERMAID | 3/17/2005 5:54:54 PM

The history of Chinese kites was said to date back to Han Dynasty(206BC to 24AD). General Han Xin used kites for measuring. Also there was someone flying from high with a kite safely. Kite was once used to send message during Tang Dynasty.

From Tang Dynasty, kite became a toy. Up to the Song Dynasty, kite had developed considerably in kinds. Records of kites could be found in drawings, poets, history books and novels.

Weifang in Shandong Province is known as the home to kite. Kite Festival is held from April 20 to May 7th every year. If you plan to go to Shandong around that time, this may add highlight to your trip.

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Best ShaanXi food in Jinan
By PRVNK | 2/20/2005 8:01:23 PM

I visited "Huan Tu Di" on JieFang Lu in Jinan city. The food and the settings are amazing! Try the "Liang Pi" and the fish in a big bowl! You will love the experience

Indian style pancake in China
By PRVNK | 2/20/2005 7:58:31 PM

Travellers who are familiar with Indian Style pancakes commonly known as dosa can see something very similar in China.
It is called as "jian bing" and commonly found north and mid east of China (Shandong, Hangzhou, Suzhou..)
I got this photo from pratyeka website

By PRVNK | 2/20/2005 7:52:08 PM

All Vegetarians visiting China!
Vegetarian dumplings can contain shrimp or some kind of seafood many times.
When you say bu yao rou, there still might be some seafood as it is not considered meat! Add "wo bu chi hai xian" along with "wo bu chi rou" when you order vegetarian food. Hope this helps!

Pyramid in Jinan
By PRVNK | 2/4/2005 1:34:57 AM

If you go to Jinan, check out the pub Pyramid on "Wen Hua Dong Lu". Not a very big place but lovely music and the crowd gets wild friday nights. Good food too!

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