Armpit Hair
Nov 1, 2005 20:54
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Would Shawn Michaels look as good with armpit full of hair?

Nov 2, 2005 00:30
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Just like most if not all sports personality, Yao Ming has no armpit hairs.

Nov 2, 2005 03:18
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I am a Chinese and I'd like to comment on this subject.

I think the reasons why many Chinese women leave their armpit hair unshaved is something like the reasons why women in western countries keep their armpit hairless. This is an issue of habit/custom/traditon. Chinese women take little notice of whether their armpit hair have been clean cut for hygiene or fashion reasons or whatever. They will think their armpit hair as natural as their body parts. Chinese men will seldom think women should clean their armpit hair while men will be more inclined to women without ampit hair
Nov 2, 2005 03:34
  • CONNY129
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if a man has his mustache unshaved ,is it nasty to most of you ?
Nov 2, 2005 04:43
  • DOUGM12A
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I wonder, for those who like armpit hair on women do they like just a little or a lot? And I wonder if many come from places where women usually did not shave so it is a rare "treat" to see?

Nov 2, 2005 05:10
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I think many Chinese women do shave their armpits....
Nov 3, 2005 03:45
  • KYLE
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Im glad to see all the comments about this subject. I think it is a little touchy since it deals with Chinas "culture". Thank you so much all the Chinese how shared their opinion. I really enjoyed reading the remarks. I also learned there are a lot of men who like armpit hair on women, personally I think its a little bit strange but everyone is a little bit kinky.
Nov 3, 2005 05:32
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Hai. It's a little strange but we have different say on things. Also enjoy reading the posts.

In our country (philippines) shaving armpits has been a part of our hygine.
Nov 3, 2005 11:16
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We're still on this subject? wow

I think it's unlikely that shaving armpit hair is more hygienic. I don't shave my armpits, and they seem pretty clean to me - it's called washing.

On the other hand, I shaved my belly once for curiousity's sake, and it hurt like hell for days. Shaving virgin areas is a nightmare - beware...

Shaving your body - anywhere for that matter - is all about decoration. Unshaved hair is natural, shaved skin is design.

Nov 3, 2005 18:58
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Hi, Mishen, it seems that you prefer things that are natural, right?
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