Hangzhou Travel Reviews

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May 9, 2005 14:05

The first thing I noticed as we walked through the entrance to the restaurant was a Chinese chef picking up a live fish from a tank and attempting to kill it by throwing it repeatedly on the cement, in preparation for cooking. Needless to say the scaly, silver aquatic morsel was none too happy about ... Details

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Feb 20, 2005 20:02

Took a train from Shanghai. After 3 hrs reached Hangzhou.

It was cold and drizzling. Bad weather to start with. I should have simply slept home 7 days. Thats what I thought first. But the whole trip proved me wrong. I had the best trip ever!

Called a Taxi and said HuanchengBeiLu. She ... Details

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Jun 14, 2004 20:06

"Above is heaven, below is Hangzhou" is a famous Chinese saying that can pretty well describe this place! It is a heaven on earth! You may have heard of the famous West Lake, but that is not what alleviates Hangzhou to its present level. What catapults a visitor to cloud nine are the scenic ... Details

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