Malaysian traveling from KUL - LAX vis Shanghai PVG 

Written by Jan 3, 2013 20:15
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I am a Malaysian passport holder and bought a return flight from Kuala Lumpur - Los Angeles using China Eastern Airlines. The only reason I chose CE - it was reasonable cheap compared to other airlines.
Before flying I have enquired on all required documentation ie visas for my transit in Shanghai but I did not get a direct answer as the many reviews that I read was mainly from different nationalities so I couldnt really figure out if it was my case as a Malaysian crossing broders of a different country.

I am now writing based on my experience.

I traveled from KL - LA recently in Dec 2012.

KL - LA via Shanghai (5 hours layover)
This was not much problem as the transit was 5 hours and I did not leave the airport  - just waited at the transfer terminal. I did not have to retrieve my luggage or whatsoever.

LA - KL via Shanghai (15 hours layover)
This journey was such a hassle and was the longest. Upon check in at LAX, i was told by the CE officer at the check in counter that I had to retrieve my luggage as soon as I arrived Shanghai because my connecting flight was the next day. I felt a little uneasy already as this was exactly the same experience encountered by most of the reviewers and it was such a hassle and troublesome. I could not do anything a bout it and so I was just OKAY about it. It was a good thing that the CE officer in LAX was polite and helpful.  After the 14hr flight from LA to Shanghai, as I am already aware, I queued up at the transfer counter only that I was told that I had to go through the immigration and through the exit gate.
The immigration officers were polite and helpful as well and to my surprise I did not encounter any trouble through the immigration check.
Just a tip: For Malaysians who are transiting through China less than 24 hours, you can exit the airport without a transit visa.
After I got my passport stamped, I enquired of the aiport motel which I know is located inside the terminal (I have done prior research) and she was so nice to show me the directions to the motel.
Shanghai Pudong airport has sufficient signages and that led me to the airport motel after retrieving my luggage. I have earlier decided to deposit one of my luggages as I do not want to carry two heavy luggages up to the motel an I only need one to the hotel for a quick change. Had to pay RMB35 which I think was quite reasonable.
I was only crossing fingers hoping that there will be vacancy as I did not make any prior bookings for the hotel. But I was lucky. The room rate was RMB483 one night. You need to pay a deposit of RMB800 upon check in.
After checking in Motel 168, I was surprised when I was told that I was able to push my luggage cart straight up to my room. Haha.. this was when I thought I could've saved that RMB35.
The room was spacious (I got a double room btw) for a loner. Room condition was good except they do not have free wifi. That was all.
The next morning, I went through the normal routine. Retrieved my deposited luggage and re check in.
Not much of a hassle at the immigration.

Overall, it was a rather pleasant experience except that I had to retrieve my luggage but it was a good thing at last I got a spare change of clothes. So I am not sure about the really bad reviews written. Its maybe pure luck.

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Mar 10, 2014 02:27 Reply

Mr.ERIC WONG from Singapore said:

@ Zati Dy

I am sorry to hear of your near ordeal regarding VISA arrangements. It took me only a few seconds to find the information on the internet:

"Foreigners who have confirmed onward tickets and seats on international flights and directly transit through China and stay for no more than 24 hours within the airport boundaries do not need to apply for a transit visa. However, anyone desiring to go beyond the airport boundaries temporarily should obtain permission from the immigration authorities at the airport."


If I were you, I would have made my enquiries in Malaysia before travelling. With 15 hours to spare, you had more than enough time to get into the city centre itself and have a one day tour of some of the more popular places in Shanghai. You could also have saved a lot of money staying in one of the hotels downtown. RMB 150 yuan could have got you a decent place to shower/wash up and have a few hours' nap if you needed it.

I guess you had never been to Shanghai? It was such a waste. You were already in Shanghai and if only you had googled some information about the city, you would have had a wonderful one day vacation in Shanghai. Hola!

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