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10 TIPS DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA | Guangzhou | Jun 10, 2018 23:14
1. In China, it is a custom to go to business lunch, or dinner or both with your Chinese business partners. Usally lunch is big, but dinner is bigger. It is a great chance to get known of your business partners, and strengthen the relationships.

2. China is a vast countries, 5500km north to south and 5000km east to west. Do not think you can visit a factory in Shang hai in the morning and another in Guangzhou in the afternoon.

3. Literally there are millions of suppliers, agents and individuals out there willing to say everything to try to get your business. Verify your supplier before you place order with them.

4. For most of products, China can make Wallmart quality, also can make Bullet train quality. It really depends on how much you want to pay for it and how well do you manage your quality control.

5. When a native Mandrin speaker says YES, it probably means NO in English.

6. Chinese food has lots of varieties, you will always find something suit your stomache. Do NOT worry, just be sure to tell your translator what you dont eat or allergy to.

7. Horn beeping is just as normal as fire crackers in Chinese cities. Do not panic.

8. Whenever there is a Chinese people starring at you in China, it is not because you are prettier, but weird.

9. Learn how to bargin in Chinese market shall be on your must-do list.

10. International Credit Cards are not always usable in China, better prepare some cash in Chinese Currency, but we take USD.

- how to bargain and negotiate the price when buying in China?
- Travel Tips for business people who come to China.
- How to arrange your business trip more efficiently?
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