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RE:Happy Teachers' Day - Sep 10
| Travel Q&A | Sep 3, 2005 07:03
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Have a good time in Suzhou! | Jiangsu | Aug 10, 2005 23:05
I'd like to say something about Suzhou-the most famous and beautiful city in China.I have been living in this city for almost five years and really love the place.It is not a very modern city but is developing fast!It is a place where u can enjoy chinese traditional culture .There are many historic sites worthy of seeing ,the most famous one is ZHUOZHENG PARK,quite magnificent,which is my favorite!And there are many lakes and bridges go across the whole city.
If u have time to go there and stay there for a couple of days,u will find that it deverses the fame!Have a good time there!!!:)
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