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please guide me | Shanghai | May 7, 2011 06:40
Hey People,
First of all thanks to everyone here who helps each other.I'm glad that i found this site.

Now coming to the point,
I'm from INDIA and will be visiting this Beautiful company on 13th may to 19th may.

I need to visit a few certain places...but i don't know which is the best route to be taken and whats the best mode to be taken, and also please help me in also forecasting my expenditure for this trip and also how many days will it take me to cover all these places.

I know that my starting point would be landing in shanghai on 13th morning and my end point would be from Shanghai on 19th night, so that from this international airport i can fly back to INDIA.

So these all are the places which i have to visit,
i have done some research on which province it is mostly in

yiwu(for work)
danyang,(for work)
yongkang,(for work)
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu(for work)
Shanghai or Beijing(for shopping)

So tell me is this order of route is proper...and how to go from each place to each place...

and how much approximately i need to dig a hole in my pocket for the same.

Will be looking forward for your replies,


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