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Muslim cuisines | Liaoning | Oct 3, 2005 10:44
because of religious reasons, foods and cuisines which be made by Halal meets, are important for muslim tourists. There are muslim restaurants in most of Chinese cities, as well as Liaoning cities such as Shenyang and Yingkou which I visited them.
In these restaurants you can chose a lot of delicious meals, especially traditional barbecued lamb of Xinjiang which is served with traditional bread.
Science Museum in Shenyang | Liaoning | Sep 26, 2005 23:40
There is a modern Science museum in Shenyang which is located in central-southern part of city, near Qingnian Ave.
There are a lot of scientific instruments in various fields such as mechanics, electricity, thermodynamics, laser and optics, mathematics and biology. most of the instruments can be tested by visitors.
There is also an advanced movie theatre which is in semi-spherical shape. You feel yourself in the heart of the place which you are watching on the screen.
Don't miss this place if you travel to Shenyang.
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Liaoning | August 9, 2002 - August 30, 2002
Shenyang and suburb + Yingkou
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