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bars part 4 | Hangzhou | Apr 13, 2007 04:55
Tornado Bar 龙卷风酒吧
24 Jiufanshu Rd. Wushan Square 吴山广场旧藩署路24号,7pm – 2am, 87019192
Three times a lady. First you get the dice. Second the beers. Third the skewers. A die is a die, and a beer is a beer, but the lamb skewers outside are stellar. The flies even have a hard time bothering anyone because they get stuck to the tables. It’s full of laughter and full of fun, and all for next to nothing. Read: cheap.

West Town 西部小镇
3 Lvyang Rd. 绿杨路3号(103 Nanshan Rd.南山路103号), 7pm - 3am, 87917615
Upon entering the door, you'll probably expect to see a few horses and chickens. Reminiscent of your Uncle Joe Bob's barn, this place attracts the younger crowd with more modern music than its neighbors. But be prepared to drink because they don't sell cheap singles on beer.

You To Bar You To酒吧
85 Shuguang Rd.曙光路85号, 6pm - 6am, 87976788
Packed! Laoyan started as a bartender back when there were maybe three bars in town, so needless to say he has quite a following. Wherever he is, it is packed. Early evenings are filled with football fans, and late evenings are the football fans full. Bottles of Absolute are cheap, and there is never a need to gamble on the place having people. Live music on the weekends.
bars part 3 | Hangzhou | Apr 13, 2007 04:54
Night & Day 德纳咖啡酒吧
240 Nanshan Rd.南山路240号, 10am - 2am, 87770275
Ella Fitzgerald is in the house. At least her picture is and a bunch of music from that era. The owners here have a love of listening to jazz, dancing to Latino and have a good, loyal group of customers giving the three-story bar/cafe an air of familiarity. They also have the biggest humidor in Zhejiang province stocked straight out of Cuba. Live music. Food available.

Paradise Bar/Restaurant 天上人间
36 Hubin Rd.湖滨路36号(华侨饭店南侧), 11am - 2am, 87062888, 87685555-6688/6687.
Madame Zhao is spinning her web again and starting some parties. She, if anyone, should know how it’s done. There were probably more beers sold here in 1999 than in Nauru. They also do a mean burger that many claim to be the town’s best.

Reggae Bar 黑根酒吧
95 Shuguang Rd.曙光路95号, 4pm - 3am, 87961587
You often hear people complain about service not being personal enough and about places lacking loyal clientele. They aren’t talking about Reggae Bar. It’s not high-class, not Remy Martin-y, but sometimes that’s not what you want. We’ve heard people from 20-50 years old claim it’s their favorite place. Food and cool tunes available.
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