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Catch the thugs with account number POS 5326760102269177 HE YI MAO YI DEB. | Shanghai | Jul 19, 2012 13:21
Shanghai is full of Mafia. Pimps stay in front of all big hotels/East nanjing road/ peoples square/West Nanjing road. Asking you if you need a massage and want to relax with beautiful Chinese girls. If you fall in this trap you are a bait to the mafia. They will scare you and take all your money. The girls will ask if you have a debit card pretending they want to check the color of your card, bla bla. The mafia shall scare you soo much that you will need to pay to them from the from your debit / credit card. Me and a friend had to pay around 3000usd to get out of the mess. All the Copy watch/Bag sellers are also pimps of the mafia.
Otherwise if you dont mess around with bad intentions like us, you are safe. General Chinese people are very good and helpful. But I wonder why the government dont take any actions against the mafia. If women trade is illigal why the pimps are allowed to move around openly in the streets?? I believe the country earns enough from exports. They dont have to live on any girls earning like Thailand. I cant give you my real name but I can give you the account number of the mafia from where my card got debited 3000us. Account no of the mafia are:- POS 5326760102269177 HE YI MAO YI DEB.
If I can save any one tourist from falling into the mafia trap I will be glad. Safe journey safe trip
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