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cheap in hong kong | Hong Kong | Mar 6, 2006 03:36
you dont have to spend a lord of money in this metropole... go to the chunking maison and you find rooms for 50-100 H.K.Dollar dont scear they have every wher videocameras and dont look to yhe blood on the wall...if you like a littlebit more luxus go to mirrador-mainson.. p.s Hong Kong is the best place for a china visa..
woodstock | Dali | Mar 6, 2006 03:22
Dali is a great place to hang out some days or weeks but becarefull of your Visa the time dont stop in Dali : ).. go too the CaffeinClub its the best caffe i ever have in china. and if you are there try the milkshakes... If you stay in the friendsguesthouse take care of your stuff the room-cleaner have long fingers..and dont smoke ganja from the old women its verry bad and expensiv.. all the best
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