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From Shuangliu International Airport to Your Hotel | Chengdu | Dec 24, 2011 00:36
The best way to your hotel from airport is to take the shuttle bus which destination is Minshan Hotel. This hotel is located in the city center. Then go to your hotel by taxi. Don't think it's waste of money because you are not familiar with Chengdu.
Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base | Chengdu | Dec 24, 2011 00:18
When is the best time to visit giant pandas?
Can you guess?
Maybe some of you have known the right answer. That must be--- Not Summer!
The giant pandas love the cool weathers. They will have sound sleep on their wooden beds outside in the heavy rain. If possible, don’t go to Chengdu Panda Base in hot summer. Don’t complaint that you couldn’t see one living panda playing in the playgrounds in summer! They are enjoying their icy beds in the air-conditioner rooms.
Last month, one of the friends in my tour group asked me, why there is no little baby panda? Actually, the giant pandas have their own regulars. Naturally, the baby pandas will be given birth in autumn. Now they are between 4 to 6 months-old.
Sometimes, people asked me some questions about the pictures they saw on the internet. They said, is there any place we can take pictures with giant panda? The answer is Yes. But you must pay for it. They call it Donation. You could donate some money to pandas. But only if you donate more than CNY1, 000 per person, you will be allowed to have pictures with giant panda. Of course, the time is quite short as the panda is fed with apples or honey sticks when they are taking pictures with you. If they eat too much, it will cause some disease to them, i.e. diarrhea. What about CNY500 one? We had seen that one. That is another question. Before 2010, the adult panda was also allowed to have pictures with people. But the workers thought it was too dangerous. So, it was cancelled. Additionally, as I know, the price will be raised to CNY1, 300 on Jan.1, 2012.
There is also a program called volunteer. Everyday you work exactly as a panda keeper; including cleaning the rooms, prepare food for pandas, etc.
Certainly, both of them must be made a reservation first.
What about adopt a giant panda? That is CNY50, 000 per year. You may adopt it with your friends. You could see the panda you adopt anytime you want. What you should do is to give them a call before you do. You can take pictures with it, too. If there is a company want to adopt the giant panda, that is CNY100, 000 per year.

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