BACKPACKER's Travel Journals (5)

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April 9, 2004 - April 11, 2004

Guangzhou -> Danxiashan by train. The train was terrible which was dirty, crowed and w/o air-conditioner. No more next time. However, Danxiashan is quite good.

February 1, 2003 - February 5, 2003

This time I traveled to Huangshan, Anhui. It was the first time I saw the sea of clouds. The weather in Huangshan changed dramatically. I stayed on the mountain for 3days. The 1st was raining with only 0 degree centigrade. The next day was snowy. The last day was sunny day. I woke up in teh early morning to see the sunrise and the sea of clouds.

July 18, 2002 - July 31, 2002

First time to travel alone. Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city which is quite similar to Hong Kong.
also traveled to Hangzhou, Suzhou & Nanjing

August 6, 2000 - August 11, 2000

The climate is fine and suitable for living. Had meet a Taiwanese who seats next to me on the plane. And still keep in touch til today.

February 5, 2000 - February 9, 2000

Travel with my family, no more fun during the trip. I am going to travel again. :p
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