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DUNC | Shanghai | 10/8/2006 4:34:56 AM

Jinmao Tower

After 6pm as the city is lighting up, the tower is just 50 RMB, (OCT 2006) compared to Harbin's Dragon Tower at 90 RMB (Rip Off)and is a great way to see the city, a modern marvel. If just to see the inside of the world's highest hotel, stunning design!
All the usual souvenirs,post cards and drinks available.

Nanjing Lu
DUNC | Shanghai | 10/8/2006 4:29:23 AM


Yes just you boys, I'm sure you're clued up on travel safety but I'll say this anyway...
......NANJING LU.......
Do NOT accept any invitation to a bar or coffee shop from young women, or even men nowadays, to help them with English, French or any language, study, thesis etc unless you want to pay anywhere between 500-3000RMB for the pleasure of a whisky!
It's not illegal as the prices are displayed, and the bar will deny all knowledge of your 'friends' association with them, they send in the heavies if you refuse, luckily as I'm in a relationship I never get approached but my colleague had 300 conned in this very way, and stories abound about many more cases! Be wise!

The most infamous cafe is above a jewelers.
Think about it, if they are genuine students they'll happily accept a Starbucks or McD coffee!

DUNC | Xiamen | 10/8/2006 4:19:36 AM

Hey, just a quick note for anyone thinking of hopping the border for a week or so...I recently came across budget airline Airasia which flies return from Xiamen to Bangkok for under 1000RMB...may be worth a try! Maybe the new Ryanair?

DUNC | Heilongjiang | 9/25/2006 7:45:45 PM

It's grim up north!

Don't worry, simply either bring your expensive North Face life saving, compass wielding, inflatable 'I'm a tourist' overcoat....
...or if you'll stay a whole winter, buy local thermals for 30-100RMB a scarf, 2 pairs of gloves 2 pairs of socks and a thick hat, all for much less, it'll take some getting used to the feeling of 2 pairs of trousers but 9 million locals can't be wrong!

One teacher in my old office has the record, 4 pairs of leggings last winter! And it was a he!

Shuttle Bus
DUNC | Harbin | 9/25/2006 7:30:13 PM

From Harbin airport, leave baggage claim and walk straight and purposefully to the exit which will be almost directly ahead of you (it's a very small airport), avoid the taxi drivers, (100+ RMB to town) and head for the ticket office for the bus, if no-one is there, wait, they will come back!

If you wait a long time check outside, there's normally a bus waiting and they'll guide you to the ticket booth if you missed it.

It's only 20 RMB to the town centre.(AUG 2006)

The bus will pass the RAILWAY STATION after about 30-35 minutes,(cheaper Hotels from 120 pppn).

The final stop is approx. 10 minutes later at the CAAC Hotel, it's about half way down ZHONGSHAN LU, one of the main arterial routes through town.

Bus 103 1Y standard 2Y AirCon from Song Hua River (North) to Hong Qi Street (South East) via Station/Qulin Shopping Area/ Zhongshan Lu from roughly 0530-2230.

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