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Best ShaanXi food in Jinan
PRVNK | Jinan | 2/20/2005 8:01:23 PM

I visited "Huan Tu Di" on JieFang Lu in Jinan city. The food and the settings are amazing! Try the "Liang Pi" and the fish in a big bowl! You will love the experience

Indian style pancake in China
PRVNK | Jinan | 2/20/2005 7:58:31 PM

Travellers who are familiar with Indian Style pancakes commonly known as dosa can see something very similar in China.
It is called as "jian bing" and commonly found north and mid east of China (Shandong, Hangzhou, Suzhou..)
I got this photo from pratyeka website

PRVNK | Jinan | 2/20/2005 7:52:08 PM

All Vegetarians visiting China!
Vegetarian dumplings can contain shrimp or some kind of seafood many times.
When you say bu yao rou, there still might be some seafood as it is not considered meat! Add "wo bu chi hai xian" along with "wo bu chi rou" when you order vegetarian food. Hope this helps!

Street Laptop seller in Shanghai
PRVNK | Shanghai | 2/20/2005 7:47:34 PM

Be careful if a street vendor tries to sell you a high end Laptop for very low unbelievable price! It will be rigged and the system information will be manipulated to show it as a high end system. Applies to cameras, watches etc

Taxi in Hangzhou
PRVNK | Hangzhou | 2/19/2005 11:48:50 PM

Some taxis ask whatever price they want. Laowais beware! I was told it would cost less than 20 rmb for wulinmen from train station. A taxi asked me 40 rmb. I took a bus and paid 1 rmb.

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