Rush to Suzhou from Shanghai

Written by Jan 30, 2010 02:49
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I was eager to experience the bullet train from Shanghai to Suzhou on a summer Sunday. The bullet train is named He Xie Hao (Harmony Train). I purchased the train ticket one day in advanced on 2F of Shanghai South Railway Station. You should go to the ticket window marked He Xie Hao(和谐号), another name of the bullet train. The ticket fare is 26Yuan. It was a pity that the return bullet train tickets on Sunday afternoon have been sold out. Thereupon, I decided to purchase a return ticket on the spot arriving in Suzhou.

My train left from Shanghai Railway Station at 7:37am on time. Well, it should be the most comfortable train I have taken in China. The air-conditioned carriages were clean and wide, having enough space for walking in, of course comfortable seats with large and solid windows. The train staffs' service was nice and helpful. In the front of every carriage, there was an electronic screen showing the current speed, which could reach 200km/h. But, the high-speed train ran on the rail flatly, and arrived at Suzhou Railway Station forty minutes later.

Exited from the railway station, which was much smaller and shabby, there was a big sign guiding to the Ticket Offices setting on the square. There were already several long queues in front of the windows, but moved up quickly. All of the bullet trains I requested have no free seat, so I have to purchase a standing-room-ticket of a regular train via Suzhou to Shanghai. It was cheaper, just 15Yuan for a 1.5 hours' trip.

My first destination was the classic Suzhou Garden—Humble Administrator's Garden, which is the largest one in Suzhou. Went across the road in front the square, I found the bus 游2 at he city-bus station, which had a stop at the garden. However, the stop was not at the garden rightly. Getting off from the bus, I walked ahead for several minibuses until a narrow lane appeared on my left hand. People could not miss the lane since there was a large ad of the garden fixed. Walked to the end of the lane, there was the Lion Grove Garden. You should turn to left here, and then you will find the Humble Administrator's Garden immediately.

This garden was so beautiful, which indeed deserved the 70Yuan entrance fee. It has been the home of several officers and wealthy, so all of the scenery was designed comfortable for habitation. The entrance gate (one of the house gates) was small, and was separated from inner buildings with a stone screen. It could keep the host's life secretly, a traditional design in Chinese ancient buildings. Lakes and stream could be found everywhere in the garden, so how large the garden was! All of the water was covered with charming lotus, a very gorgeous picture in summer. I spend almost 3 hours in walking in this garden, but never gained all of its attractions.

Exited the garden from another gate, I took the way on the right hand, at which the Suzhou Museum was located. It was free for visiting, so you had to queue in a long line. At the end of the road, there was a good place for having a lunch—the time-honored Zhu Hong Xing Noodles. I ordered a small bowl of beef noodles, only 7Yuan. The slim noodles was served in very fragrant soup, totally different from those ones I have had before. After the lunch, I took a bus to the Guan Qian Street, another must in Suzhou. The street and its nearby streets were all crowded by locals and travelers. There were so many department stores, supermarket, trendy and souvenir shops. For travelers, all of the well-known Suzhou sweets, dim sum and popular restaurants could be found here. So, my empty baggage was full immediately. Located on the street, Xuan Miao Guan deserved a short stop, which already had over one-thousand years' history.

Around 2pm, I took the bus 游2 back to the railway station and finally arrived in Shanghai at 5pm. …still lots of beauties left for my next trip!

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