Shanghai Summer 2009

Written by Jul 14, 2009 02:47
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Shopping Trial and Errors...

Nanjing Walking Street

I had heard from lots of people about where to shop in Shanghai and it wasn't until I was actually there that I could decide for myself the good and the bad.

Nanjing Walking Street: The walking street itself is full of lots of people everywhere and people constantly approaching you to buy fake merchandise from some back alley store. On my first visit there I followed the first guy who asked me about it who had lived in Dalian before. We went off of the main road and into a shop with a false door into some room full of all the glories of Chinese knock offs. They were definitely overpriced though. Watches, cell phones, clothes, shoes, purses the works. I didn't buy anything but, it was quality stuff from what I could tell. Nanjing street itself is loaded with upscale stores selling clothes, watches, silk, shoes etc. You'll pay the regular marked price here and very few places allow you an opportunity to bargain. It's good if you're looking for specifically more western stuff.

Stores include: Zara, Levis, UniGlo, Giordano, Only, Dickies, Me & You, Metersbowne, a mall full of pretty much every store you'll find elsewhere in the city and almost all the big name sports brands and lots of others. Definitely worth checking out but you'll need your money if you plan to shop here.

You can get off at People's Square station and go east or you can get off at Nanjing East Station and walk west.

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