Trip to Nanjing

Written by Aug 28, 2009 18:56
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Nanjing Experience

I was in China last November for the World Urban Forum 4 and was amazed by the high level of organisation for the Conference in particular and the environment in general.

Most beautiful was the way Nanjing residents who welcomed us with both open hands. It was great trip that i decided that i would visit China again. Truely,i like to compare China to Nigeria in many ways but each time i try to do i get more headache.This is because my goverment have failed to utilise its own opportunity like China did. Opening up to the world and holding their own destiny in their hands. I admired the night life in Nanjing and Beijing. Every day is like a Holiday in Nanjing. Beijing is beyond description. Crime is quite minimal and curruption could end you your life if convicted. I am impressed with China and hope my country will take a cue from this country
I want to encourage Nigerians who are in China to learn from these people and not abuse the previledges that they have been offered. To keep away from crime and live decently. China is quite affordable and the country has overtaken Europe and America for anyone who cares to believe.
I will be visiting Wuhan and some other cities this October. I am also thinking of the possibilities of doing my Phd in China. China is great and lovely and i do hope Nigeria will partner more with Asia for rapid development.


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YIN_88 said:

thanks 4 ur appreciation 4 nanjing

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