Beautiful Dalian ?

Written by Mar 26, 2005 10:03
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I am not sure

Italy is wonderful any time of year, but my favorite season to travel to Italy is spring. You can usually count on great weather, and the temperature is much more comfortable than during the heat of the summer. Unfortunately, this year we encountered cool, rainy weather for the entire first week of our trip which was quite disappointing. Although we did not let the rain stop us from enjoying ourselves, 7 days by the sea is just not as pleasant when the weather is ugly. My other concern in regards to the weather was that photos just are not as attractive with gray, overcast skies as they are when it is bright and sunny. You will be able to see a difference in my first week’s photos as compared to those from my second week. Unfortunate, but what can you do?

We had originally planned on visiting Italy in the fall this year, during the harvest season but my husband had a meeting to attend in the Riojas region of Spain the end of May so we decided to visit Italy after the meeting since we were already going to be in Europe. I had planned for 3 days in Amalfi, 3 days in Puglia, 3 in Umbria, and the last 3 in Rome. I had thought that a few days along the Almafi coast would be relaxing after 4 days of meetings in Spain, and had never really traveled much in Puglia so thought it was time. Umbria is our favorite region in Italy and one we visit every trip. I chose Rome to end our vacation as I had not stayed in Rome for almost 12 years and wanted to rediscover the city. We also flew into and out of Rome so it was a convenient end to our trip.

First of all go to the sea, where is the sea ? WE toke taxi to go out the mess of the center. 15 minutes we arrived. So nice place, we run to the beach. My dreams were destroyed when I ssaw the garbage one the beach, like if somebody through awy the trash from an hospital..... you know what I means. I don't talk about all the dead fish there and the color of the water. It was like a big garbage area. Of course we will not swim there, we will have to find an hotel with a bathroom to swim at least inside. We found a nice hotel with a nice view. It was very beautiful in the morning to see the big boats going in and out passsing in front of us.
The next day we arrived to buy our ticket, still nothing. My wife told me that no problem we can buy at least sitting but not sleeping ticket and certainly change inside the train and pay a little extra money. It was not the case and we stay sitting in the common train for 8 hours. Finally we arrived Beijing so tired. I didn't closed my eyes because of the stealer and pick-pocket in the night. It was time to go to work one hour after arrived. I regret I didn't enjoy enough the sun and the beautiful view of the sea, the time was too short.
Dalian is a special city is true, beautiful outside the center, with many park and tree and on the sea side but don't go inside the sea.

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Jan 28, 2007 02:56 Reply


I am planning to visit Dalian in July 2007 and had thought about catching the train from Beijjing to Dalian. I dont speak Chinese. Is this a good idea/I dont even know how long the journey takes.



Nov 13, 2005 09:32 Reply


Dear Julien ,

we were in june `05 in DALIAN.And we have a good feeling there.I think the best time to make a trip to DALIAN is in september.But the problems with the train to BEIJING we have also.It is not so easy for a forigner to become a place in the train.
Our trip was started with the wish to go diving in DALIAN.On the end we have make four dives in aquariums and one dive in the sea.But in the sea it was very difficult to dive because the visibility was not so good there.
The city and the people are very lovely.The best was the look over the coast in the north of the town.You have there many parks , forest and you can do a lot in your freetime.
wish you all the best !
yours ruediger from germany

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