Check your porcelain purchases in Jingdezhen

Written by Ms. TONE HANSEN Oct 14, 2011 14:02
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I went to Jingdezhen two years ago with a friend. We came there to have a look around at the age old porcelain industry, and to purchase some porcelain to take home with us. We went to the rows of shops and found porcelain at very reasonable prices, and I agreed to buy a tea set and set of bowls in a shop. The shop owner wanted to sell me pre-packaged sets in plane cardboard boxes, but I had fallen for the bright red diaplay cases. When I insisted on buying the ones I had been looking at I had to pay an extra 10 yuan to get the boxes. My friend on the other hand found that the pre-packaged dinner service was most convenient, as we had to bring it back on the train.

However, when we arrived home in Nanchang where we were living at the time, she opened the box and found that only a few of the pieces: the pieces that they had unpacked and shown her, were the high quality porcelain, the rest were a rather shoddy quality stoneware. -A pure scam in other words.

So I had been lucky when insisting on the display box: so my tip is: do the same, or make them unpack and show you the quality of each piece if you buy a pre-packed set.

Walking the streets of Jingdezhen you will also be offered China from street vendors: avoid these: they offer shoddy quality items at prices 10-20 times higher than the items are worth.

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Nov 4, 2013 20:54 Reply

Mr.WANG said:

Well, it costs CNY 20 on daytime and around CNY 50 at night.


Nov 4, 2013 02:05 Reply

Ms.VORAWAN from Thailand said:

Is the taxi from airport of Jingdezhen to the city saft ? Are there any other public transportations from airport to city ?


Jul 22, 2012 06:23 Reply

Ms.ANGGY from Malaysia said:

Hello, plan to visit Jingdezhen and Wuyuan at the end of October, wish to know what is the distance by road between Jingdezhen and Wuyuan(day trip by car?) and weather?How many days do i need to stay in Jingdezhen to see all the main attractions?
Can i book/arrange my day tour to the nearby attractions once i arrive at the hotel?
Thank you TravelChinaGuide for all the assistance.

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