My Trip 3-28-2004

Written by Nov 7, 2006 02:11
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just want to say, I just returned from a trip to Qindago and it was just perfect. Everything from the flight to all transfers in all airports. As far as going thru customs or dealing with any of the people, all of them were just as nice as you could have wanted. I found the English language useless during much of my trip but there were a few Chinese here and there that spoke a little English or I should say enough to get me by.

As far as the food goes, you will find out that real Chinese food is truly in china not America here where we live. All the people I met were just very nice people. Most of what I found as far as shopping was nothing more than great buys. Just for example, Kodak film was only $1.00 everywhere I went, about 1.20 to be developed, just one of many values I found during my trip. Prices in places like Beijing and other major airport hubs were very close to our prices back here at home.

You will feel very safe and as far as the hotels go, all of them were very nice, I had a hotel on the beach with over 20 stories of luxury at $52.00 dollars a night, so as you can see there are very good bargains out there if you look around. I made the trip by myself and did just fine. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me for any answers you may have, have a good trip and don’t worry about anything its all good.

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Jan 5, 2007 17:33 Reply

DEANO said:

I have to agree with you, I spent 2 weeks in Liaoning Provence in Dec. 06 and the food is delicious, the people all so friendly! Dalian was a special treat, mild weather and a tour of the coast. Can't wait for my next trip back!


Nov 7, 2006 21:28 Reply


Did you arrive at the seaside in Qingdao?Is it beautifel in your opinion?And where did you visit?Which style is the city of Qingdao?

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