Turpan Travel Reviews

Sep 22, 2005 10:09

At the mention of the ‘Silk Road’ one begins to conjure up a picture of camel caravans piled high with exotic merchandise gliding over sand dunes, from one romantic palm filled oasis to the next. Tall, rugged looking, dark skinned men clad in white flowing robes’ with striped headwear ... Details

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Oct 5, 2004 12:10

After about 13hrs in the train, we finally arrived in Turpan, a place in the eastern part of Xinjiang Province. It's a very important juncture along the Silk Road thru which the western and Chinese cultures encountered, clashed, and exchanged. It's actually a depression (a sunken place with an area ... Details

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Apr 13, 2004 16:04

I have just finished a walk through the Jiaohe ruins outside of Turpan in Xinjiang province, China. What a great experience. Talk about going back in time. If you find a shady spot and get quiet for a while, you can bring a bustling ancient city to life in your mind again. Best thing is to go early ... Details

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