Xinjiang Travel Reviews

Xinjiang Travel   | Ms. JIMMYB | Feb 6, 2010 07:01

It is said that you would not know how huge China is until you come to Xinjiang. When the train was speeding along deserts of Xinjiang, I really had this feeling. My friend Xiaoma picked me up when we arrived at Urumqi, and he gave me 4 pieces of Nang which is a delicious local food. Xiaoma told ... Details

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More than a Road   | Ms. JABAROOTOO | Sep 22, 2005 10:09

At the mention of the ‘Silk Road’ one begins to conjure up a picture of camel caravans piled high with exotic merchandise gliding over sand dunes, from one romantic palm filled oasis to the next. Tall, rugged looking, dark skinned men clad in white flowing robes’ with striped headwear ... Details

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My first journey to Urumqi | Mrs. ROSWITHA SOECHTIG | Apr 27, 2013 13:14

2008 I biked from Germany to China. It was the best of my life. And I was astonished to see the traffic sign in Uigur, the luangages were in Chinese and Arabic. Turkish people told me bevor I mad my biking-tour, that all people live in muddy cottages. In Uigur I have seen little houses, big houses and ... Details

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Traveling in Sleeper Bus   | Mr. JSUMMERS83 | Feb 23, 2009 07:25

1,000 kilometers can be a long way to travel in one sitting. Let me rephrase that: 1,000 kilometers IS a long way to travel in one sitting! Unfortunately, that's approximately the distance one would have to cover in order to get back from border town of Kashgar to the capital of Urumqi. The Taklamakan ... Details

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