Yueyang Travel Reviews

May 14, 2006 13:05

The waters of Dongting Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in all of China, have seen a lot of history. Hunanese culture developed on its shores, and Hunan's stereotypical lava-hot cuisine arose to inflict itself on the animals and fish in and around the lake area in the concoction of ten thousand ... Details

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May 13, 2006 11:05

I'm no stranger to the gorgeous lakeside city of Yueyang. Five years ago I passed through the town, and was so taken by the face of its ancient shore that it stuck out in my memory as one of the most enchanting cities in the whole of China. This year, passing through Hunan once more, I insisted on stopping ... Details

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Feb 20, 2006 01:02

The Chinese word for 'North' is pronounced bei, and the word for 'South' is pronounced nan. The word for 'river' he, and for 'lake' it is hu. These four words combine to form the names of four provinces in Eastern China, Hebei and Henan for the provinces immediately to the North and South of the Yellow ... Details

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