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Ms. Smith was a nurse, superintendent of nurses and nursing educator with Yale-China Association (Yale in China) Hsiang-Ya Hospital and Nursing School from 1921-1927. In her letters home she frequently mentions hikes to and picnics on the summit of Mt. Yuelu, which she knew as Yolo-san. One her ... Details

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Hengshang Mountain   | DUNC | Feb 20, 2005 19:02

Oh no, it's holiday season again.
So where shall I go...first Beijing and...HengShan!!!...well, first it's Beijing West Station, a shuttle bus from the road to the right of Beijing Main Station only costs 5 RMB and is much less hassle than finding room for a backpack on the crowded public buses and ... Details

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Bright Eye of the Lake - Junshan Island   | Mr. MISHEN | May 14, 2006 13:05

The waters of Dongting Lake, the second largest freshwater lake in all of China, have seen a lot of history. Hunanese culture developed on its shores, and Hunan's stereotypical lava-hot cuisine arose to inflict itself on the animals and fish in and around the lake area in the concoction of ten thousand ... Details

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The best tour destination in China   | Ms. STINGROUP | Jan 24, 2018 01:42

I have personally been to more than 98 cities here in China and I found Zhangjiajie is the best one so far. Please Google Zhangjiajie for details. Any question is welcome. My wechat: bizinchina in ... Details

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Old Jishou   | Mr. MISHEN | Feb 23, 2006 08:02

Hunan has been inhabited for thousands of years, and in each Hunanese city can be found the remnants of ages gone. Jishou University, where I was staying in Jishou City in Hunan's mountainous West, is just a little way out of the city centre, and is built on relatively undeveloped farmland; in fact, ... Details

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