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  • Everyday Meeting
  • Hello/Hi.
  • Hello, everybody!
  • Good morning!
  • Good afternoon!
  • Good evening!
  • Good night!
  • First Meeting
  • How do you do? Nice to meet you.
  • How do you do? Glad to meet you.
  • Meeting after not seeing each other for some time
  • Long time no see.
    It's a long time since we met.
  • How are you recently?
  • I'm fine. Thank you.

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Comments (65)


Feb 28, 2017 23:16 Reply

Mrs.JEN ANTONIO(Philippines) said:

Have a great day! I want to learn Chinese language.

Mar 24, 2017 13:46
Ms.GOMEZ(USA) replied:

I want to learn it too!!!😅😅😅


Feb 7, 2017 15:45 Reply

Ms.ZAPATA(USA) said:

My friend and I are doing a research paper and presentation about the Chinese language for our English class. If anyone has some information or website(s) about the Chinese language, please let us know. Thank you!

Feb 23, 2017 06:25
Ms.CECILIA(China) replied:

Hey, Zapata, this is Cecilia. I`m the Chinese course consultant form That`s Mandarin. If you are interested in learning Chinese. You can learn with us ! Please add wechat: 13581635501. Skype:cc3.mandarin or send us an email: to know more information.

That's Mandarin was established in 2005, with 12 years teaching, our school has built up our own learning methods and online study platform. Yearly, our school has welcomed around 3,000 students from all over the world.

Our unique method: We use our unique method- linkwords- to help you remember the new vocabulary, and our story telling course will help you to speak whole sentences, open your mouth, and start chatting with Chinese people.

Our online system: We provide you with all class notes, and after class you can head to your account on our online teaching system to hear a recording of your notes and practice your pronunciation.

Have a good day

Mar 1, 2017 06:57
Mr.CHEN(China) replied:

What do you want to know about Chinese?


Aug 15, 2016 02:16 Reply

Mr.MOHI(Bangladesh) said:

Can anyone advise how I can learn standard
Chinese within a short time?

Feb 3, 2017 22:12
Mr.IMTIAZ GILL(Pakistan) replied:

Do practice at Pronounciation tables and 150 words first ,


Feb 3, 2017 22:10 Reply

Mr.IMTIAZ GILL(Pakistan) said:

I learn Chinese language from Pakistan and student of HSK 2 , I want get more knowledge about China and Chinese language . Guide me some one . Now what i should do now ???


Oct 2, 2016 09:19 Reply

Mr.PETER(South Africa) said:

I would like to learn Chinese and the culture and to assist with Chinese preschools expanding in South Africa.
Please assist with Chineses in South Africa Gauteng Area.

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