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At a Restaurant

  • Finding a Table
  • Is there a place vacant?
  • How long is the wait?
  • A table for two.
  • We'd like to take a table by the window.
  • I want a non-smoking seat, please.
  • May we sit here?
  • I don't like this table. Can I have another one?
  • We've reserved a table for four.
  • Do you have a private room?
  • Ordering Food
  • What's your speciality?
  • How's your roast duck?
  • How's your dumpling?
  • How's your wonton?
  • Do you have a set menu?
  • Can you recommend some dishes?
  • I'll have Kung Pao Chicken and Tomato and Egg Soup.
  • I'll have Ma Po Tofu and Sweet and Sour Pork Fillet.
  • Do you have any beer?
  • May I have some water, please?
  • Go easy on the pepper.
  • Go easy on the salt.
  • Go easy on the vinegar.
  • I don't eat spicy food.
  • I don't eat gourmet powder.
  • I don't eat sugar.
  • I'll take rice first.
  • I'll take soup first.
  • I'll take my dishes first.
  • I'll take dessert first.
  • Bring me the rice along with the dishes, please.
  • My order hasn't come yet.
  • How do you eat this?
  • I didn't order this dish.
  • This dish is undercooked.
  • Another cup of water, please.
  • Could you bring me a plate, please?
  • Could you bring me a folk and a knife, please?
  • Paying the Bill
  • Waiter/waitress, bill please.
  • May I have a doggy bag please?
  • May I have a look at the bill?
  • May I have a look at the menu?
  • May I have a receipt?

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Oct 1, 2013 22:55 Reply


This is great just wish it was portable and downloadable to a device.

Jan 30, 2014 17:23
Ms.KITKAT replied:

Yes, I agree. If you could make this site into an app it would be a great one. I have downloaded multiple apps on my phone and none are as good as this site.

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