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Hotel spas and saunas | -General- | Feb 18, 2007 23:40
No matter how many stars your hotel has if you use the sauna/spa you will be offered a massage, which is later redifined as sex massage. 3 or 4 firm "no thank yous" are required to make your lack of interest clear, but the next day you will be asked again.
Panda cubs are cute, but you can only take photos of the adults | Chengdu | Sep 18, 2010 06:00
If you don't have time to get to Wu Long there is a Panda research centre just outside Cheng Du (NOT THE ZOO). You can take a bus, but a taxi is only about £3 (US$6) each way. The centre is well run and has lots of info in English. When I was there they had ten cubs of less than one year old and they are so cute. They were all having their health check-up on the day I visited, but apparently you can hold one if you are there on the right day of the week.
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-General- | December 21, 2006 - January 15, 2007
I visited Shanghai, Yu Yao, Hang Zhou, Nan Jing, Hong Kong and Cheng Du, all great all very different.
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