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Warning about using FinnAir airline
DAVIDWIECHMAN | May 28, 2014 17:57

Warning about using FinnAir airline. Customer service is terrible. FinnAir never responds to my complaint that I paid for two tickets (over $2,000) to Moscow and never received the tickets. When I talk to FinnAir, they say they cancelled the tickets and since the tickets are nonrefundable, they won't give me the tickets, any refund or any credit on another ticket. They are just keeping my money and leaving me with NOTHING.

Travelling China without speaking Maindrain
CHAUTINHTRIBMW | Aug 6, 2013 08:12

After many trips to China, my experience to "survive" is to prepare as below:
1. Take photo of some kind of food in your phone (pizza, hotdog, vegetable...) for showing to waiter/waitress in the restaurant.
2. Think of popular sentences OR questions and using Google Translation, then print them out. For example: I need hot water OR Pls not much cooking oil OR where is the toilet?.......It would be great tool to be survive in China.
3. Join Couchsurfing and get more friends OR host in China, it will help you a lot
I will survive
Tran Hai Anh (Chan)



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