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Cultural aspects that motivate travel to Kerala | Anhui | Jun 15, 2009 06:46
The main cultural aspects that motivate people to travel to Kerala are those that are connected with the individual’s desire to travel in to other countries in order to learn more about the way of life of the people living there, and their cultural heritage as expressed in the local art, music, literature, folklore etc. Kerala state has a rich ancient cultural heritage that is known all over the world.
because he will not be disappointed due to the diversity of cultural events in the state. Not even one month passes by without any major cultural event. People enjoy the cultural events without any inhibitions. The local culture is very much part of their daily lives.

Even then, perhaps in no other district in Kerala can you see such a diversity and vibrancy in cultural activities as in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. Thrissur is home to scores of cultural institutions where you can learn and even participate in cultural forms that are extinct in other parts of the state. Scores of students from overseas destinations were trained and many are undergoing training in the scores of cultural institutions scattered at different parts of the district.

To witness the cultural forms in its entirety, the best time to visit the state is during the Onam season. Almost all the leading educational institutions, government departments, non-governmental organizations and other private establishments participate in the cultural events often spending phenomenal sums of money. Almost all the schools and colleges conduct cultural fests and other competitions wherein the students and staff members participate in the traditional attire.

The main venue of the cultural events is in the capital city, Trivandrum. The cultural extravaganza is often inaugurated by the CEO or the Chief Minister of the state. Due to the multiplicity of the cultural forms, the events are held at different venues so as reduce the congestion at the main venue.
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