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Travel Tips for climbing Huangshan Mountain
NATURE_1984 | Apr 22, 2011 08:45

1. Be kind to yourself - Travel light! Facilities are available to leave luggage at the bottom of the mountain, so if possible please take a small bag or backpack for your overnight stay on the mountain. If this is not possible and you need to take luggage to the top of the mountain, porters are available to carry your bags. You will need to negotiate a price. RMB 120-160 would be a fair price to pay for this service

2. Clothing & Shoes - It is essential to take a jacket as it gets chilly and good walking shoes. Raincoats can be purchased and are a very wise investment for protection from the rain and wind. Don't use an umbrella as it can be dangerous.

3. Purchase some bottled water and snacks before you start to ascend the mountain. Supplies are available on the mountain but the prices increase with the altitude.

4. A cable car is available to make your trip to the top of the mountain easier but there are still lots of steep narrow stairs on the mountain if you plan to get the most out of you time. Please take care when climbing and trying to get the best photo opportunity.

RBK4 | Aug 23, 2010 07:09

hi,i'm ravi from nepal and i'm coming to guangzouh and after i'm going to xuancheng,, pls. tell me how can i go there by bus or train from guangzouh and the price of it. thank you.


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