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Taxi from Shanghai to Nanjing?
| Travel Q&A | May 30, 2006 00:33
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Art Museum | Nanjing | Aug 6, 2006 18:26
The Nanjing Museum is a wonderful place to spend a lot of time. I got stuck in a most fascinating art (contemporary painter)show that I spent two days there...in just the show. So be sure to check out the temporary exhibits as well as the permanent collections. Also, the book store is a wonderland of books on Chinese art and I bought many volumes which will never be seen in the US. Additionally, there is a very lovely, quiet, air conditioned lunch, tea, ice cream parlor right next to the Museum.
Heat | Hangzhou | Aug 6, 2006 18:20
Nanjing, Hangzhou are incredibly hot and humid in late June, and I understand July and August also. Take plenty of towlettes (wash and dry) with you to help keep you cool. I carried a hand fan also and used it. Finding cool, bottled ice tea is not hard to find, but also carry water with you and drink it. The hotels we were in were air-conditioned, but sometimes not very much. Occasionaly we got a cool taxi, and that was a real relief after a hot, humid walk...and most of the sites have extensive walking.
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