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  • A great trip to meihua mountain in early spring
    JENNY_JI | Mar 3, 2016 03:37

    [br] A great trip to meihua mountain in early spring      It was a sunny day  everything is ok.Experiencing the raining season  my parterners and I  decided to enjoy the temperature and taste for no time no see .      About 1 oclock p.m we start from my school in jiangnin. Firstly woe take the Subway Line S1 to  nanjingnan(南京南) station after two stops. Then walk for about 4 minutes to change for Line No.1  to jinjiekou(新街口) station after 8 stops. Finally change to Line 2 and after 4 stops arriving  at&

  • Nanjing's Unique Palace
    DANIEL OTERO | Feb 7, 2013 20:47
  • Nanking Nanking!
    QI_JIAN | Feb 2, 2010 20:28
  • Trip to Nanjing
    IKECHI | Aug 28, 2009 18:56
  • Soaking up History: Zhongshan National Park
    LEMONCACTUS | May 7, 2008 01:45
Art Museum
KLUE | Aug 6, 2006 18:26

The Nanjing Museum is a wonderful place to spend a lot of time. I got stuck in a most fascinating art (contemporary painter)show that I spent two days just the show. So be sure to check out the temporary exhibits as well as the permanent collections. Also, the book store is a wonderland of books on Chinese art and I bought many volumes which will never be seen in the US. Additionally, there is a very lovely, quiet, air conditioned lunch, tea, ice cream parlor right next to the Museum.

XINYI | Aug 26, 2004 23:59

This applies to all the major cities in China. The best food in China comes from the local street vendors or small resturants. They are usually cheap and delicious. Do not go to well established posh looking resturants. My experience usually tells me that they are either too westernised or too unsuited to my taste. However this is my opinion and the choice is yours. But then you didn't go to China to have a ham sandwich or a salad did you?



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