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Jobs for english speakers in Hangzhou
| Travel Q&A | Apr 3, 2007 19:11
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Yantai western bar | Yantai | Apr 3, 2007 19:19
I didn't get to see all that many nightclubs and bars in my time in Yantai, but my favourite was a pool hall/bar called AliBaba in Xiang yang jie (nan tou). It's run by a Westerner and his chinese wife, and I must say, almost every westerner I met in Yantai was a fan! It has a large pool hall with around 20 pool tables for those who want a quiet chilled out game, and in another room a bar with dance floor for a more up beat social scene. There are many regulars as well as those only in Yantai for a short time so you are never short of a friendly (slightly drunken) conversation!
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