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RE:Do you prefer to travel during the peak-travel period?
| Chitter-Chatter | Oct 13, 2010 21:57
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How to get to Downtown from Guilin Airport | Guilin | Nov 22, 2010 00:29
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is the only airport in Guilin, and is about 30KM from the center of the city. To get to downtown, you can:

1. Take the Airport Bus. There will be an airport bus waiting for the passengers after each flight, at the exit of the arrival hall. It takes about 40mins to downtown, and 20RMB per person. The last stop is Civil Aviation Mansion, after get off you can take a cab to wherever you want to go and normally won’t cost more than 20RMB.

2. Take a taxi. Since the airport is about 30KM to the city center, it costs more than 100RMB to take a taxi. So, if you are solo traveler, I suggest you to take the airport bus, but if you are a group of people, you can split the bill. Lucky for me, my friend gave me the number of a taxi driver, who charges only 80RMB for the ride( it could be a little more expensive at night), so I never have to change at the Civil Aviation Mansion.

3. To leave for the airport, you can also take the bus at Civil Aviation Mansion from 06:30 to 20:00. The buses will depart every 30 minutes and the cost is the same.
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