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Beijing to Qingdao by bullet train | Qingdao | Apr 13, 2008 00:42
Originally, we were planning to fly (round trip tickets for 2 cost around RMB 2400, highly discounted at www.elong.net), but I decided to take the new bullet train called China Railway High-speed (CHR) 2.

The train takes around 5 1/2 hrs. Compared to the 1-hr something flight, it still takes much longer, but is much more convenient and comfortable. Considering that you don't have to check-in an hour in advance and take two 40-min taxi rides to and from airports, the train option is actually very attractive. Currently, the main Qingdao train station is under renovation, so they use the Sifang station, which is around 20 mins away. However, most Chinese cities, including Qingdao and Beijing, normally have conveniently located train stations.

The premium train seats cost us less than RMB1400 (round trip for two). The seats were wide as airline business class seats and were super comfortable. The food can be slightly expensive and the choices not so good, so bring food with you. A quick stop at our favorite fast food place right before the train ride was all we needed.
Cheap way from Nanjing to HK via KCR | Hong Kong | Apr 13, 2008 00:24
The goal was to find the cheapest way to go to Hong Kong from Nanjing and spend all the money we save on clothes. Me and my wife took this trip December 2007.

We flew from Nanjing to Guangzhou, booking highly discounted tickets via Elong.net. The tickets cost us around RMB1800 roundtrip for two people. Then we took the KCR train to HK. KCR tickets cost us RMB85 per person each way, so that was 380 roundtrip total for two.

We stayed at the Cosmic Guest House in Nathan Rd. It was very cheap and small, but clean. The building, Mirador Mansion, was a little creepy though. The hotel cost us RMB500 for three nights. Not bad for a hotel in a nice area, right next to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station. Call +852 2369 6669 to book or go to LonelyPlanet.com.

If you like numbers, the trip cost us less than RMB3000 for two people. Note that food can be expensive in Hong Kong. To go cheap, go fast food. Save money for the best part--shopping. We spent the rest of our budget on clothes, shoes, and a cool cell phone.

An important tip for mainland China residents: don't change your shopping money to HK$. You can pay for almost anything using your UnionPay debit card. You won't get charged for anything and you'll get a much better exchange rate than what any of the HK money changers can offer.
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