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Beijing to Qingdao by bullet train
MUDDIEDKNEES | Apr 13, 2008 00:42

Originally, we were planning to fly (round trip tickets for 2 cost around RMB 2400, highly discounted at, but I decided to take the new bullet train called China Railway High-speed (CHR) 2.

The train takes around 5 1/2 hrs. Compared to the 1-hr something flight, it still takes much longer, but is much more convenient and comfortable. Considering that you don't have to check-in an hour in advance and take two 40-min taxi rides to and from airports, the train option is actually very attractive. Currently, the main Qingdao train station is under renovation, so they use the Sifang station, which is around 20 mins away. However, most Chinese cities, including Qingdao and Beijing, normally have conveniently located train stations.

The premium train seats cost us less than RMB1400 (round trip for two). The seats were wide as airline business class seats and were super comfortable. The food can be slightly expensive and the choices not so good, so bring food with you. A quick stop at our favorite fast food place right before the train ride was all we needed.

Qingdao Sangrila Night Club
SHIVAH | Feb 12, 2008 16:54

One of the most interesting things I found in Qingdao was the night life. At the Shangrila Hotel on Hong Kong Middle Road on Wed. nights there is a "Salsa Night".

A live Columbian Band plays live music! I was amazed at how well people danced salsa! The atmosphere was happy and the people were very friendly. There is no cover charge and the dancing is incredible! The drinks are good too! it's a must see!


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