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RE:2 bdr Apt for daily rent near metro station,Tianhe,Guangzhou
| Guangzhou | Mar 12, 2011 00:04
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Foreigners would like to rent house near metro and think highly of its neatness! | Guangzhou | Aug 11, 2011 02:00
Yesterday, Jenny ,who come from Australia ,is less than 40 years old as a teacher in Shenzhen. She spent 4000 per month on renting an apartment with two bedrooms and two halls in Nan Shan Hua Yuan
Jack is a businessman, tells his commercial real estate consultant Fengbeili , he want a small firm with less than 80yuan per square meters and it changing from a factory is better!
Shenzhen public security bureau entry-exit department said there are more than 20.000 foreigners in this city at present. What about their live here?
Recently, a survey shows that there are more teachers, more top executives and more gold collar workers in SheKou, an area gathered most foreigners in ShenZhen. Cherry Yang, a red card intermediary, tells reporters she receives those foreign clients in a large numbers. Most of them are teacher since it is most likely to start their career.
but foreigners in FuTian like those fine and cheap houses changing from factory .They don’t care price difference but those liking rent an office building to do business think highly of rent. “most multinational corporations, such as Wall Street, EF training institution will choose central building and they think highly of office building changing from factory .Because they think this kind of house have a good environment , utility rates and cheap rents and personalizing decoration
They care the neatness of house. Chinese and foreigners have different ideas about renting requirement. They think highly of sanitary condition, space and living goods.
• foreigners like to get together with their friends and they hate the crowded bus. So they prefer to choose those communities near metro. And they focus on cultural life and festival. Cherry Yang says,“ When Easter, Christmas comes, we basically did not do any business. Some foreigners often invited me to go to bars, because they just arrived and aren’t familiar with Guangzhou. They need our help.” Compared with domestic clients, after-sales service period of foreign clients is longer. Cherry Yang receives about 20 callings for help in a day. But foreigners always respecting our labor and paying rent on time. So, more and more agents enjoy doing business with foreigners, like Uguide.org, Shanghai Real Estate, etc.
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