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Good Halal restaurant
FRIEDWORLD | Jun 16, 2014 15:25

If you like Turkish food as well as Sea food, then u should try the Bosphorus Premium in Guangzhou. It's a very good restaurant and i was really surprised, when I tried it the first time. So I can only recommend it to all of you. The prices are ok and the service is very good!

Be ware of fake money in china
FASHIONSTYLE | May 12, 2014 04:55

Many of my friends come to guangzhou,when they exchange money in the airport area,they get too much fake money, i have asked them where are they get the RMB, some of them say the exchange store, some of them say the taxi driver...

So the best way is ,before you arrive china, you can do some exchange in your country ,to make sure you get the real RMB. if you still need to exchange money, you can go to the bank here, it is more safely to get the real Chinese money--RMB


Amazing cooking class in Guangzhou.



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