WINDENERGY's Travel Journals (16)

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July 6, 2007 - July 20, 2007

I am going to be leaving Kunming for 2 weeks on a "visa run" to Thailand. With the summer heat as it is down there, I will be looking for a seaside resort. Will be returning to Kunming July 20th. Bye-bye....

June 27, 2007 - July 6, 2007

Enjoy some ole' fashioned R&R back in the "Spring City". It's amazing, the Chinese people here are very friendly and helpful. And they can understand my "PuTongHua". Planning to hike up the Long Men (Dragon's Gate on Monday. Tonight KTV with Li Jing.

June 4, 2007 - June 25, 2007

Finishing the last 3 weeks of my 11-week contract out in the "boon docks". My, oh my, time flies. I really don't like being alone most of my free time. I need to focus on health issues and communicating better with Chinese people. I will be returning to "Spring City" June 26th.

June 1, 2007 - June 3, 2007

Here I go again, another adventure into the unknown stretches of SW Sichuan Province. I haven't left yet, but will be in Yibin from 6/1 through 6/3 on a "hiatus" from my present job.

May 22, 2007 - May 22, 2007

"I am your Captain, I am your Captain,
Though I'm felling mighty sick;
I am your Admiral, I am your Admiral,
Setting course for unknown trick".

May 1, 2007 - June 25, 2007

Working at a Middle school in northeastern Yunnan Province for 10-weeks. Sort of crazy to wind up in rural NE Yunnan. The small city of Weixin is bizarre. The standard of living very poor, but the locals are friendly to outsiders. The stores here have little resemblence to anything that I have experienced. No ketchup, no peanut butter, no apple juice.

April 12, 2007 - April 14, 2007

Kunming is a thriving capital city in YUnnan China. The city streets are very clean and the traffic, although busy, is manageable, I think that I will try to live here for 10 months-1 year. The weather is early spring is unbeatable and I can see blue sky!!!!

April 10, 2007 - April 11, 2007

Planning to be leaving the city of Wuhan and Hubei Province permanently. Deep in the "mouth of the Han", I am displeased with Chinese culture as it relates to urban interaction with foreigners. Sure, the Chinese people are friendly to foreigners, but why do they say one thing, then do another thing? Why are they so tricky?

March 25, 2007 - March 28, 2007

Okay, I would have to classify old town Lijiang as a tourist trap. Although I found cheap accomodation at Mama Naxi's guesthouse, I was approached endless time by locals offering services. The Black Dragon Pool Park was enjoyable,except for the countless vendors barking for my attention. I did also enjoy riding horseback into the high country outside of Lijiang.

March 21, 2007 - April 3, 2007

The Spring City really lived up toit's name this early spring 2007. Everyday of my vacation was sunny and mild.I really enjoyed the cleaner environment and western restaurants offered by the Spring City. Green Lake, Foreigner Street, World Horti-Expo garden and Flower and Bird market were particularly enjoyable.
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