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World-Horti-Expo Garden
WINDENERGY | Kunming | 8/5/2007 8:50:09 PM

Some resort destinations in China are very commercial and unappealing. However, if you are looking for a first-class tourist destination where you can learn about Chinese culture and the native vegetation, then I highly recommend seeing the World Horti-Expo Garden in N.E. Kunming, China. There are "theme" gardens representing every province in China, as well as museums and international exhibits.

Western Grand Canyon Hotsprings
WINDENERGY | Yibin | 6/6/2007 5:34:19 AM

Although this resort does have numerous soaking pools, fed by an authentic hot water spring, most of the pools are turned off. Because of the construction of a hydro-power dam, directly downriver, this resort will be submerged in less than 1 year. What I had hoped would be an enjoyable soak, turned into a mediocre, eventless day taking too many buses and wishing the water in the pools were warmer.

Inexpensive hotel in Kunming
WINDENERGY | Kunming | 6/6/2007 3:06:54 AM

I got this tip from a fellow traveler on the bus ride to Lijiang. I prefer a private room with a bath instead of a dormitory usually. At the Camellia Hotel, I stayed 4 nights in a private room for 120 rmb/night. A cheaper alternative is the Yun Du Hotel (Chinese owned, 2 star) which is allowed to lodge foreign travelers. It is located near the long-distance bus station and train station on Beijing Lu. One night rooms are available for only 80 rmb/night.

Treacherous Mountain roads.
WINDENERGY | Yunnan | 6/6/2007 2:37:13 AM

I recently traveled round-trip from Weixin to Yibin on the bus. Much of the way was along dusty, rocky roads with major potholes and entire lane closures. There are also numerous other buses and blue coal-hauling trucks to beware of when coming and going.
The drivers are first rate and now I know why the Chinese drivers blow their horns so often. Along a one-lane, twisty mountain road this is the only way of telling on-coming traffic that you are there.
If you plan to travel via bus in northern Yunnan or southern Sichuan, bring along water, some spending money for buying snacks and a pillow and/or blanket to relax with. The busses stop frequently to pick up anybody that is waving them down.

Jiudu Hotel in Yibin
WINDENERGY | Yibin | 6/6/2007 2:26:05 AM

If you like relaxing accomodation with plenty of recreational opportunities, then you should stay at the Jiudu Hotel in Yibin. There is a western restaurant, complete with international cuisine in the Oona Restaurant on the 3rd floor. Also, there is a KTV bar on the 16th floor of this hotel. Doubles start at 280RMB, and it is a far cry from your typical Chinese hotel in terms of service and quality.

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