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Hubei Museum
ANGEL | Wuhan | 4/30/2004 4:37:52 PM

This history museum is worthy of visiting. Not very big but many historical relics on display. The bronze bells and jade adornments are incredible!

The yangtze bridge has been included in some itinerary but personally i don't think it deserves because there is nothing special unless you want to do a research on bridge.

Snack street
ANGEL | Wuhan | 4/30/2004 4:21:59 PM

I came across the Ji Qing Jie night market when I was in Wuhan in 2002. This is a place you can meet saw the real local life and do as Chinese do. Of course, you cannot read the Chinese menu, just order what is ordered by others! May out of your eating habit or taste, but quite an experience of different food. Duck necks are very delicious but spicy. 10 RMB for three ones. Craps at 100 yuan RMB made my mouth watering!

Folk musicians with a certificated card gave music performance by tradtional Chinese flutes and lutes at table at 10-20 RMB. Some are very nice!

Mountain Sickness at Huanglong
ANGEL | Jiuzhaigou | 4/30/2004 4:09:03 PM

I choose Warning @ Dangers to post this is only because I want to get your attention here.

If you go to Huanglong valley, 155 miles away from Chengdu, please take the altitude into consideration. For most travellers can not resist the appealing of Huanglong Temple on the summit and the most beautiful five color pool at its back. It really deserves for a bight-yellow temple atop surrounded by mountains creat a harmony between the temple and the nature. But remember the Huanglong Temple is over 3300 meters above the sea level. Mountain sickness would be a problem for some people. I saw many middle-aged tourists carrying oxygen with them! I am near my thirty years old and i had a test. Jogging caused me run out of breath and the best speed is that of walking. I got a ten-second headache when I arrived the top.

The whole climbing is physically demanding for those persons who do not do any excercise!

Getting to Jiuzhaigou
ANGEL | Jiuzhaigou | 4/30/2004 10:07:00 AM

Two ways to go there: by flight and by bus

the bus trip will be very hard and take 17-21 hours. It may be the worst for those car sickness persons. Even thought you can bear that, very exhausting!

Airport open is quite a good news for travellers. The flight is daily, but whether it is morning flight or afternoon will depend.

You can book flight ticket at any ticket office in Chengdu.

Regarding to security, i also recommend flight. For bus trip will sometimes encounter landslip. Not serious situation. Just slight casued by rainfall.

For the flight so any bad records since last sep.

Stay in Jiuzhaigou
ANGEL | Jiuzhaigou | 4/30/2004 9:52:59 AM

Rating hotels and hostels are available both on the way and in the scenic area of Jiuzhaigou. Hostels run by local Tibetans are cheap.

Jiuzhaigou Sheraton International Hotel are the only five star hotel. Jiuzhaigou hostel, Nuorilang hostel, Rize hostel, Jiuzhai villa are moderate.

If you want to stay overnight inside the scenic area, you can try local residences.Some villages at the entrance of the valley have standard room 100 yuan pp and 20yuan pp for four persons in one room. 20 yuan plus for bathroom. The prices are for Chinese. Better choose hotel and hostels unless you are an experienced backpacker.

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