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Thieves and bandits on the rapid train.
GUNNARF11 | Sep 27, 2012 05:05

My wife traveled yesterday (September 26 -12) from Wuhan to Guangzhou. Many people on the train and therefore the bags prepared at a location near the exit. At the stop in Changsha "arranged" a panic at the end of the train and bags disappeared. Among other things, my wife's bag, size large carry-on bag. This included new expensive clothes, which were gifts from relatives and friends. There were also specialty "Wuhanfisk" that she would bring to Sweden.
Leagues know the value found in bags on trains is much louder than the regular train.
They're not the poor people who go speed train. If you have a bigger bag for the trip, it is better to take flight, even if it gets longer time with the connections.

traveling by train.
PECK | Jan 22, 2010 09:28

Train travel is cheap, but first you must book your compartment early so your bunk is on a lower
level. Some stations have only stairs, no escalators, so avoid heavey luggage. The toilets are an
abomination, bring a small spray of perfume. Look for Red Caps if your luggage is heavey. Beware
of individuals who offer to take you some place at a cheaper rate. Use only City Taxi Cabs.
Trains that travel over 600 miles leave in the evening, and you arrive in the morning. As soon as I get
on the train, I stow my luggage under my bunk and go to bed. If you don't, the people in the upper
bunks will use your bed to sit on. You don't want that.
There are places you can buy train tickets to avoid the lines and confusion at the Station Ticket windows.
You must inquire about that. This will also insure you a lower bunk.

Wuhan, Hankou

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