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How to get to the Great Wall in Mutianyu from Beijing
MICHELE_MAND | Beijing | 4/15/2010 10:21:47 AM

On April 12th, 2010 we travelled from Beijing to the Great Wall in Mutianyu, thanks to the information in this website we found easily to organize a trip of our own without joining messy and doubtful tour packages from the Capital. So I confirm that you can get to Mutianyu Great Wall section also by train from Beijing North station to Huairou, which has its own station in the near Huairou North. Departures are at different times, we took the one at 9.04am.Trip was very slow indeed, we got at Huairou North by 10.30, to find out the place is quite deserted, and with lots of private drivers to get you to Huairou, or Mutianyu directly. Being all there and well organized, prices are all the same, they do not even fight to get the clients... They ask RMB 50 each to go to Huiarou, or 100 to Mutianyu, claiming thay Hairou is 25 km from there. It is actually abt 5 km, you can bargain to 40 minimum. We were 2, so had to pay 100 RMB to get to Mutianyu. The lady who took us was kind indeed, and drove a Chinese sedan very smooth and clean, 20 minutes and we for there. In Mutianyu you can climb the stairs to the Wall (around 20 minutes at average pace), or pay for the cable to wire you up there. For the way down we decided to go on the funny side and took the toboga slide, a 3 minutes bob-sledge descent at RMB 50.
Way back: a lady of a food stand offered to brings us back to Huairou for RMB 60, and left us at the bus stop of bus 916. There are 3 bus #ed 916, you have to take the one with a green plate saying Kuaisu, or Gaosu I do not recall now, meaning it gets to Beijing Dongzhimen station of line 2. You can ask the driver, usually they understand you want to get to Dongzhimen as a foreigner so they nod or shake their head to you. Price is quite cheap, RMB 7 for all the way to Bj, about one hour, most of is spent at infamously slow speed on the highway.
I would recommend to take the bus from BJ Dongzhimen bus station to get to Huairou and then grab a cab or a private car from there to the Wall.

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