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  • Five Ways to Travel China on a Budget
    ANGEL2017 | Aug 24, 2017 14:18

    So you need to tour around China with out spending too much cash?[br] [br] I've been there earlier than throughout the years that my wife and I romped around China on a finances. We have been running on a instructor's profits in a terrible province so being frugal become not just practical it was essential![br] [br] The correct news is that our experience has proven us that seeing China on a price range doesn't mean you need to sleep on crappy beds and starve ...

  • 1 Day Great Wall/Summer Palace
    JULIE THORPE | Jul 21, 2017 03:59
  • 2 Day Tour of Beijing
    DEBC11 | May 14, 2017 20:01
  • 3 Day's in Beijing
    cHRISTIAN MEDDOWS | May 12, 2017 01:49
  • Greatest trip of our lives- from Thailand to China
    PAULA LEWIS | May 8, 2017 00:21
Trouble getting refund for IC card at T3 airport
HOBEN01 | Sep 13, 2013 21:08

I could not get a refund of my transportation card, IC card at the T3 terminal at beijing airport. The card showed incomplete information. I would suggest getting a refund at other bus stations. I didn't investigate any further because i had to catch my return flight

Xuxian Lou
DAISYC | Jan 31, 2012 03:37

I had a very enjoyable evening here when I went. The food is Zheijang style and therefore was very fresh. We ordered tofu hot pot that was delicious and warming in the freezing weather! The restaurant also has a Western dessert menu, we ate a tasty creme brulee. It is also located in the Workers Stadium so was very easy to get to from our hotel....much recommended!


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