The most valuable lichee

Written by May 25, 2007 08:05
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My hometown

Zengceng city is famous for being the birth place of Gualu lichee.Gualu lichee is worldwide the most expensive and delicious lichee with 10.000 RMB per piece on average.

There is a remote legend about Gualu lichee.Long long time ago,a naught fairy living in the heaven felt boring.One night,she secretly came to the human's world and landed on a normal lichee tree for fun.

Silent night with beetle's singing,the fairy couldn't find anything interesting,then started sewing in her handkerchief.Time went by quickly,approaching sunrise,the pretty fairy suddenly realized that if the emperor of heaven knew somebody was missing in his world,he would surely lose his temper,which definitely was the rule.At the moment,little fairy hurrily flied and returned to her place,leaving behind a piece of green thread which was lying on a branch of the lichee tree.

Soon after that,the lichee branch had a lot of BABIES which indeed differed from other common lichee,from color,size to taste.The special baby is nowadays Gualu lichee literally,big and juicy with distinct & recognizable green clothes.

Every year,special BABY will visit the city and become well-known around the country.Then only the royal people could have access to adop these babies due to its value,limited quantity and reputation.

There is also a romantic story involving Yanguifei,the most beautiful lady in Tang dynasty.

The Temple of Stone Village is located in Xintang,a small and the richest town of Zengceng.It is said that the town of XT was a ‘town under the water’ thousands of years ago.While people could trace the footprint in the Temple of Stone Village.From the mark on the rock in a narrow & long cave inside,which entrance is remarkable,since the Tianhou God is leading all prayers to the WAY OF HEAVEN.Many people exercise Shaoxian here.
Experts reported that people were able to read the history of XT by the obvious expression of the rocks,which indicated that water were day by day hitting the rocks.When I was in middle school,the geography teacher showed us the evidence so as to explain clearly for our understanding on geological environment.Gradually the land of XT developed into a commercial and warm town above the ocean,which is well-known for its jeans industry nowadays,and a great deal of people started living on this wonderful island.

There is a Yenning temple inside the Temple of Stone Village, which is the largest the Buddhist center in Xintang.Self-experiencing the activity of buddhism is absolutely impressive to me,personally I am not a buddhist,while my Mum is instead.Occasionally for pleasing my mother,my sister and I participate the interesting movement.On the day of Qingming festival this year,lots of Buddhists got together in Yenning temple for comforting the soul of the dead and praying for the better life for the live.The atmosphere was definitely severe.My niece and nephew help their laughs by covering their mouths by both of their hands.Mum would then warn with her eyes.

Read aloud (more or less like singing a poem),knee down,march around the temple,again and again,Honestly I couldn’t help laughing,but had no choice to go on for the sake of my Mum.All of us successfully insisted till the ending.I took a deep breath when stepping out of Yenning temple and my teeth would like to see the sky.Interesting!!!

My naught nephew finally knew what was like in the budhism center.He was not allow to shout and laugh though.Poor boy,he is simply 7 now.He repeated “Auntie always cheated,she promised to take me to the center to play,until now she still did not stick to her word.When I grow up,I will cheat you too.”He is only 7 and can remember what I carelessly mentioned for so long a time.
So at last II took him to the center,he did not ask me to take him to go there again any more.hehe...

Welcome to my hometown,it is a nice town.^_^

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May 31, 2007 18:22 Reply

LIZXLI said:

This kind of lichee is 挂绿 in Chinese.Since the price is too expersive to afford to get one piece for me,I had not yet had a chance to have a try.

It is said that it is quite delicious.


May 26, 2007 09:02 Reply


the lychees got so many varieties like the chinese tea... and usually with beautiful names. What's the chinese name of this kind of rare lychees? How does it taste?

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