Guangdong Travel Reviews

So terrible Cycle canton in Guangzhou   | Ms. SHOJI | Jun 25, 2017 00:40

I have a friend introduced me to join a group in cycle canton,it was so awful!!The guide doesn't know much about Guangzhou,and all the stories he told were reciting ,this guide was from other counties not from local!!!The itinerary turned out to be very boring!Most main popular sites ... Details

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Taxi in Shenzhen | Ms. LMARINA | Sep 9, 2014 05:18

If you come to Shenzhen the first time, please notice that . There are two main colours in the taxi, red and green. The red one can drive both the city and out of city. But the green one just can drive out of city. They can not go into Shenzhen city.  ... Details

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I arrived from Hong Kong by ferry and a kind of shuttle bus . There, I was immediately immerged into another world, a more Chinese one. Sometimes I was a little “lost in translation”, because nobody spoke English, or very few people, but I actually enjoyed the experience.

Collecting ... Details

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An unpleasant experience | Ms. GAN | Sep 29, 2013 00:24

I had a very unpleasant experience with immigration officers at Zhuhai. I landed in Guangzhou on 15/9 and on 19/9 went for a day trip to Macau from Zhuhai. At immigration was stopped by a female officer who didn't want to stamp my passport. She called her sipervisor who then took away my passport. ... Details

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Jazz and Blues Bar in Houjie, Dongguan | Mr. PAUL WATSON | May 14, 2013 08:21

A friend and I were stuck in Dongguan Houjie last night and stumbled across the "Blue Orleans" jazz and blues bar on the Houjie bar street. We were very pleasantly surprised by the interior and service, friendly smiles all round and the beer was cold! A very nice surprise in China! There ... Details

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