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Written by Jan 4, 2010 00:56
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My friend Jolin lives in Shanghai and she has invited me for almost thousands of times to visit this city. At first, I refused because Shanghai in my mind is just for work but not travel. I have seen a bunch of Shanghai pictures all blowing tall buildings, busy trade and sugary diet. Cities are all alike, though it is the biggest. But finally I surrendered because to verify my impression to this metropolis sounds not a bad idea.

After 16 hours train travel, I arrived in Shanghai. I met Jolin in Nanjing Road. It is the busiest commercial road in Shanghai and has been compared to the Fifth Avenue in New York. The bustling road is difficult to take a nice street level shot. I could not advance fast for a lot of street hawkers came up and shouted at me, “Hey, girl, wanna shoes?” I kept replying “Bu yao. Xiexie.” But they all followed you from 10 to 30 steps. The road is brilliant at night when the lights on. But I didn’t wait that longer. My next destination is the Bund.

When I went there, it was already in the afternoon and began to rain. The skyscrapers amazed me. You should go to Shanghai to know the height of a city, truly it is! Jolin and I decided to take the ferryboat to the opposite bank. The ticket cost 2 kuai for each person. Cheap and worthy! It was a nice trip. The buildings looked more beautiful when the boat drove further. I kept pressing the shutter button until my fingers screamed “enough, enough.” and the camera almost ran out of power.

Our supper is the famous Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun. The fans of this diet lined long from the restaurant gate to the street. Jolin strongly recommended it to me and we waited. We ordered crab stuffed bun which cost 22 kuai each. This snack is said to have a history of over 100 years and features the typical Shanghai flavor. It is juicy and slightly sweet. With some appetizers, this supper was simply great!

In the next few days, I visited Zhujiajiao (the water town), Xintiandi and Yuyuan Garden. Shanghai is a big and modern city just like what have been described in books and on TV. By the way, the Disney Park will set foot in this land. I hope I can experience the park if time permits and good luck!

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Feb 9, 2010 02:26 Reply

Mr.WILD GUN from China said:

Wow cool! I love Shanghai and I have been there for several times. Walking along the huangpu river bund in pudong is wonderful. I remember the tender breeze in a summer night last September.

Feb 9, 2010 20:00
Mr.GOOD from Mars replied:


Feb 9, 2010 19:12
Mr.SOS from China replied:

i feel so good

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