My trip to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong

Written by Apr 26, 2004 16:04
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Memorable Trip!

I went there in Sep, 2001 and couldn't help thinking of it! That's really a beautigul place. Now I am sitting down writing out to let others know my real stories there!

Hard bus trip before arriving

The first thing came to my mind is the very very hard bus trip to Jiuzhaigou! My friend and I arrived Chengdu around 6:30 and the group leader took us to a very small restaurant outside the station hall and we ate very little before we got on a mini-bus for the next 19-hour trip to Jiuzhaigou.

There are seven people in our group and we talked a lot in the first several hours of our trip. The guide told passengers jokes and stories of Chengdu. However, bumping up and down made me exhausted and we had less talking, just looking out of the bus windows. Another five hours, I found my friend's face bloated and she got the car sickness. Horrible nausea happened to her and I exchange my seat with her and keep the window opened for better ventilation.

Later, our bus climbed the chain of mountains. It is a very hard work for the driver and when we arrived at the hotel, it was 23:00! When I got down the bus, I said to myself: " I do want to take any buses in the rest of my life!"

You are so fortunate that, now you can definitely avoid this terrible experience for there are mini airplane now from Chengdu to the Jiuzhaigou area. It takes less than one hour at several hundred yuan RMB.

The hotel we lived is acceptable. Simple but clear room with hot waters and private bath room. The food is so so. Do not expect so much on food in any kind of moutain scenic areas in China!

To be continued :D

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